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TAC-9 Stealth Grey

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9mm polymer lower. This design incorporates our Ambidextrous Magazine Release and uses Glock-Style Magazines. The color is molded through, scratches and dings wont show ever. Also compatible w .40S&W

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TAC-9 Stealth Grey

Tennessee Arms Company is proud to bring to the market our TAC-9 style lower receiver. The TAC-9 receiver is a newer member of the Tennessee Arms family of receivers. Introduced 3 years ago and the product of two years of development. The 9mm receiver features an ambidextrious magazine release and is designed for the 9mm and 40S&W rounds. As the 9mm AR upper is designed as a blowback operation this lower requires the use of a 9mm buffer during assembly. We recommend between a 7oz and 9 oz buffer, a standard AR15 buffer even in the H2/H3 sizes is simply not enough. 

Many of our customers submit pictures of their builds and nothing makes us happier to see them in our email. Builders of the 9mm lowers are on a whole separate planet with their builds. The amount of sheer creativity that went into some of these customer builds is insane. 

The 9mm is a super quirky build and like the AR-308 there are no industry standard build requirements for dimensions and size. We recommend the Bear Creek Arsenal uppers along with Sons Of Liberty 9mm upper ( my personal favorite) and JSE surplus. The PSA upper is usable but you will need to sand our inner buffer tower to fit. Like I said no published standards but its an easy adjustment.
Any milspec upper will fit just fine the issue is making sure the bolt clears our ejector. If needed it is perfectly acceptable to sand our ejector to fit your Bolt as its way easier to tune our ejector than to alter a heat treated bolt which we would recommend anyway. Please ensure you use a Glock cut 9mm bolt instead of the Colt cut. 

Blog Post About Product

Washington and Illinois AR15 Bans

Washington and Illinois have both recently passed laws banning the sale and distribution of assault-style weapons, high capacity-magazines, and switches that convert handguns into assault-style firearms. Both laws were met with strong opposition from gun rights groups, and in response, both states have faced lawsuits.


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Rating: 1.0
Reviewed By: Adam, on June 27, 2024
Title:Buffer broke after 200 rounds
Review:Buffer tower broke after about 200 rounds of range ammo. Was using a 8.5oz and 308 spring.